LEARN GUITAR: The Courses - Books and Video

The LEARN GUITAR BOOKS AND VIDEO are a easy-to-follow and unique system from guitar teacher Justin Moss.

All videos available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/fingersoffireguitar/

Individually crafted lessons teach you how to become the player you want to be!

Skills to learn include Open Chords, Barre Chords, Music Reading, Strumming, Theory, Riffs, Scales, Arpeggios, Guitar tab, Fingerstyle, licks, theory and song writing - learn it all while advancing your skills on the guitar.

Theory lessons including Major and Minor scales, Harmonisation, Chord Construction, Song Structure and using the circle-of-fifths.

The courses covers modern guitar styles including Blues, Jazz, Rock and Contemporary.


LEARN GUITAR: A Beginner's Course

Learn guitar fast with this easy-to-follow and unique system!

A course for a complete beginners to start learning the guitar, or if you know a few chords an opportunity to improve your skills! 
Techniques you will learn: 
• Open Chords 
• Barre Chords 
• Music Reading 
• Strumming 
• Theory 
• Major scales
• Basic song structure and analysis
• Riffs 
• Scales 
• Arpeggios 
• Guitar TAB 
• Fingerstyle 
• Licks and more! 
40 individually crafted lessons teaches you how to become the guitar player you want to be!

LEARN GUITAR: Intermediate Course

Advance your skills and knowledge! 
Learn Advanced techniques as 37 individually crafted lessons cover:
Techniques you will learn:
• Finger style 
• Strumming 
• Arpeggio's 
• Riffs 
• Licks 
• Theory 
• Song writing 
• Major and Minor scales 
• Harmonisation 
• Chord Construction 
• Song Structure and analysis 
• Using the circle-of-fifths 
A complete course covering styles including Blues, Jazz, Rock and Contemporary.






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